Let's succeed together!

Our consultants will put you on the right track to a life-changing career.

Our mission, as an expert study abroad consulting agency, is to help you realize your academic dreams abroad. We guide, advise, mentor and support you throughout the process.

Our advisors are qualified and experienced in the field of university studies abroad. GEG will accompany you every step of the way until your departure.

Follow your dreams

Expertise in student mobility

We strive to provide all the services students need. We facilitate the registration in universities and schools, the choice of desired programs, housing or any other service that students may need abroad.

Advice and guidance

Customized support to discuss your academic path. We collect your educational documents and determine your interests.

This is a counseling service to identify appropriate universities/institutions and programs based on various academic backgrounds, areas of interest, financial projections, career goals, religious and cultural values.

Application for admission

We help you enroll. We measure your needs, we propose solutions and we simplify your procedures. You are thus assured of a good quality and error-free application.

Visa Support

Our service will take care of all the necessary steps. Thanks to our expertise, our advisors will put together a solid file with you. In case of an interview, we will also prepare you for it.

Reservation of student accommodation

Housing is one of the most difficult things to find while studying. There are many different types of accommodation available: campus, student residences, private accommodation, host families... you just have to choose the one that suits you! In order not to complicate this task, our service consists in finding you an accommodation at a lower cost.

Continuous follow-up

We take care of the comfort of our students during their stay abroad in order to reassure their families and make their stay a success. The comfort of our students is a priority!